Advantage 100 Spot-on Solution for Dogs

Advantage 100 Spot-on Solution for Dogs

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Advantage 100mg Spot-On Solution fights fleas and biting lice on dogs weighing between 4 and 10kg. Furthermore, this product kills flea larvae in and around the house.

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Product Description

Veterinary Medicines Legal Category: NFA-VPS

Advantage 100mg Spot-On Solution for Dogs

Advantage 100mg Spot-On Solution for Dogs between 4 and 10kg, featuring the active ingredient of imidacloprid, effectively prevents and protects against fleas in pets. In 3 to 5 minutes, this product stops fleas from biting, killing adult fleas within an hour, before they can lay eggs. Any fleas present on your pet are killed within 24 to 48 hours of administration. A single treatment using Advantage 100mg Spot-On protects your dog against further flea infestation for 4 weeks. Advantage 100mg Spot-On can be used to treat a flea allergy/dermatitis in dogs.

Reinfestation due to new fleas in the area can persist for up to six weeks or longer following the treatment. Therefore, more than one treatment may be needed depending on the number of fleas in the area.

To combat fleas in cats, Advantage Spot-On for Cats is available.

Suitable for

  • Dogs weighing between 4 and 10 kilograms

Not suitable for

Advantage 100 mg Spot-On should not be used on dogs that are hypersensitive to the active component Imidacloprid or in unweaned puppies younger than eight weeks or weighing less than 2 kg.


  • Kills fleas within 24 hours and protects against new fleas for 4 weeks.
  • Kills flea larvae in the area that come into contact with your treated dog
  • Suitable for dogs with a flea allergy.

Active substance

Active substance: Imidacloprid 100mg for each pipette.
Antioxidants: Benzyl alcohol and Butylhydroxytoluene (E321).

Administration and dosage

Dogs weighing between 4 and 10kg: 1 pipette of Advantage 100mg

Insert the contents of the pipette between the hairs onto the intact skin at the base of the skull.

Product ID: 9240
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