Advent Calendars

Would you like to enjoy Christmas with your furry friend? Then order one of our pet Advent calendars and join the fun. With the special Advent pet calendars, you and your companion animal will count down to Christmas for 24 days straight. There is a treat hidden behind every door!

How does the Advent calendar for pets work?

The advent calendars below have lots of doors with corresponding numbers. Every day before Christmas, a door can be opened. Behind this door is a delicious treat hidden for your loyal pet. By opening a door together every day, you create a special bond between the two of you. Keep every day a surprise and provide your pet with a delicious new treat each day!

Advent calendars product range

Vetsend has numerous Advent calendars for pets, including those of Trixie. This Trixie Advent calendar is suitable for dogs, cats and small animals and is filled with 9 different treats.

Will you be counting the days to Christmas together on December 1? Take a look at our product range of Advent calendars at Vetsend and enjoy the holidays!

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