AFP Classic Comfort - Roller Ball Floor Scratcher

AFP Classic Comfort - Roller Ball Floor Scratcher

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Product Description

All For Paws

All For Paws (AFP) specialises in designing unique and stylish products for dogs and cats. The team behind AFP makes products which meet the needs of the animals, as well as the different lifestyles of their owners. All For Paws describe their products as useful products with a story and a purpose. All For Paws products are available worldwide and of course at


Cats have an instinctive urge to scratch. They do this to keep their claws sharp, and to remove the outer dead layer. Once the outer layer is removed, it reveals new sharp claws underneath. Scratching is enjoyable, allows cats to stretch out and burn off excess energy.

AFP - Classic Comfort - Roller Ball Floor Scratcher

The Classic Comfort scratcher by AFP combines a stylish design with functionality. This way, AFP takes care of an essential part of a cat's surroundings. The design of the floor scratcher also allows your cat to lie down comfortably. The scratcher is also equipped with two toys for your cat.

Key Features

  • Fitted with sustainable canvas and jute to ensure optimal scratching fun.
  • Contains two toys. The first toy is a rolling ball covered with sisal. The second toy is a ball with feathers that dangles from a rod. The two toys are part of the scratcher.


82 x 35 x 75 cm

Product ID: 3422
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