Animal rescue centre

Today is World Animal Day. In our opinion, the best day of the year. Of course, it’s the perfect time to spoil your pet and give him loads of cuddles and treats! However, there are a lot of animals that are a bit less lucky that deserve the best World Animal Day too. We would like to focus on those animals. That’s why we made a video explaining why you should adopt your next best friend from a shelter! Want to know more? You can read everything about adopting a pet from a shelter in this article here.

Animal Shelter Tholen

Animal Shelter Tholen is an organisation that helps animals find their forever home. In addition, they also have a senior home, where they offer old dogs and cats permanent residence if they can no longer stay with their owners due to certain circumstances. Animal welfare is Tholen's priority, and their hard-working volunteers do everything they can to make the lives of their shelter animals as pleasant as possible. Vetsend would like to contribute, and that is why we have made a large donation full of the tastiest food, best toys and other important supplies. We hope the animals in Animal Shelter Tholen will love these items! Would you like to help out too, but don't you have the funds to do so? Read this article here to see how you can help shelters and other organisations without donating money.