Animal rescue centre

It’s World Animal Day on Sunday 4 October and this year we’ve decided to do something very special. Our pets get spoiled every day in our own homes, but there are also many animals in rescue centres that are still looking for their forever home. These animals are often overlooked, and not just on World Animal Day. To make sure they get some extra attention this year, Vetsend took a trip to a rescue centre in Breda (the Netherlands). Of course, we didn’t show up empty-handed as we brought some fun items to surprise the employees and the animals!

What does the rescue centre in Breda do?

Each animal deserves a fair chance to find their forever home. Just like all animal rescue centres, the employees in Breda do everything they can to achieve this goal! Every year, the centre rescues and rehomes about 400 dogs and 1200 cats. Apart from these dogs and cats, they also provide shelter to about 2000 other pets each year, like rabbits, rodents, reptiles, birds and hedgehogs.

Quickly check out the video of our visit and donation to the animal rescue centre!

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