Audisan Ear Spray
Audisan Ear Spray

Audisan Ear Spray

Audisan Ear Spray is an ear spray containing olive oil, suitable for the ears of your dog, cat or other small pet. It provides and exact, very quiet and fine spray. This gives the ear and the ear canal exactly the right dosage, without any mess.

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Product Description

Audisan Ear Spray

Audisan Ear Spray is an ear spray with olive oil for dogs, cats and other small pets. Using the small, focused spray, Audisan Ear Spray provides optimal ear hygiene. The ear spray has a safe and simple administration, minimising the risk of overdosing and mess.

Key benefits

  • Cleans and maintains optimal ear hygiene
  • Removes ear wax and other unwanted build up
  • Prevents build up in the ear
  • Protects the sensitive ears of dogs that like to swim
  • Prevents having to extract the inserted fluid, which can lead to product contamination.
  • Contains a separate spray nozzle without sharp edges, which is easy to clean and prevents cross contamination to the other ear or to other animals.
  • Very economical to use, one bottle contains approximately 200 doses.

Instructions for use

  • Dogs 2-4 sprays per ear
  • Cats 1-2 sprays per ear
  • Small pets 1 spray per ear

After spraying the desired number of times, wipe the spray nozzle with a clean tissue.


Spray bottle 10ml


Olive oil and mineral oil.

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