Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd originated in California in the twentieth century from Australian shepherd dogs. There, the dogs were used for herding cattle. The Australian Shepherd is intelligent, smart and eager to learn, balanced, watchful and alert. Shepherds have a medium length, straight or slightly wavy coat with a dense undercoat. The Australian Shepherd comes in different patterns. This dog is very loyal and devoted to the family.

Breed description Australian Shepherd

Breed descent: United States

Other pedigree names: Aussie, Australian Shepherd Dog


The coat consists of medium-length, straight or slightly wavy hair with a dense undercoat. The Australian Shepherd comes in the colours Blue Merle, Red Merle (liver colour), plain black or brown, possibly with tank-coloured markings and white. The Australian Shepherd needs relatively little coat care. In the shedding period, the undercoat hairs and a shepherd's rake is very useful for removing loose hairs.

Physical Features


Sheep and cattle herd. Watchdog. Companion dog. Shepherd dogs.

Average weight

The average weight of the dog is between 16-32 kg

Height at withers

Males: 50 cm to 57cm and bitches: 45-52cm

Approach to training

The Australian Shepherd feels what its owner wishes. This dog is very intelligent, learns very easily and is easy to train. Although the dog can show aggression during work, he is friendly to people. You need a lot of patience to train the Australian Shepherd properly.

Common symptoms

The main health problems we see in the Australian Shepherd are their predisposition to back problems, grey cataracts and Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA).

Dog sports

Livestock and sheep herding, flyball, agility, detective work. Obedience contests.

Australian Shepherds are suitable for owners who:

Are looking for a guard dog or a companion dog. This dog needs a lot of movement and requires plenty of movement and outside walks. This dog is suitable for owners who have experience and enough time to educate and entertain their dog in a good way. Finally, it is recommended to groom your dog regularly.

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