Bio Flytrap
Bio Flytrap

Bio Flytrap

Bio Flytrap is no longer available. You can use the Muscado Fly Trap to catch flies.

Bio Flytrap is specially designed to catch flies and other insects outdoors. The trap is suitable for use in the garden, in and around the stables and in dog kennels.

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Product Description

Bio Flytrap is no longer available. You can use the Muscado Fly Trap to catch flies.

100% organic flytrap

The trap contains a unique 100% organic attractant which attracts several fly species. Placing this trap prevents a fly infestation. The Bio Flytrap is ideal for use in the garden, in and around stables, dog kennels etc.


The Bio Flytrap is reusable. The trap can be emptied without problems into the green container. The trap is then refilled with the attractant. This helps keep your garden or home fly-free throughout the season.


  • Unscrew the cap of the trap and fill it up to the specified level with lukewarm water.
  • Then twist the cap back on and shake gently so the bait dissolves. The bag of attractant is water soluble so does not need to be opened before use and can be placed in the trap in its entirety.
  • Then pull the top of the cap up and hang the trap in a suitable location. Preferably hang in a sunny warm place, about 5 metres from the patio or front door.

The attractant in the Bio Flytrap contains no pesticides or other harmful substances. The attractant only includes food and ingredients. Please note: the label on the product you receive may be different from the temporary label visible in the picture above. The products have the same composition.

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