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Biosil liquid is a ready-to-use liquid to combat red mites in poultry, such as chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigeons and ornamental birds. The use of Biosil can prevent your poultry from health problems caused by mites.

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Product Description

The medical name for bird mites is Dermanyssus Gallinae Degeer. Owners/handlers of ornamental chickens, pigeons, canaries, parakeets and other ornamental or song birds should know that they can be prone to infestation with mites. External parasites like these can transmit infections and, through repeated bites, be harmful to birds' health causing anaemia and reducing immunity to other diseases such as e-coli. Biosil is a liquid formula which attacks the mites and quickly controls the parasite. Anything animal with feathers, from chickens to pigeons to tropical birds can be treated with Biosil; the formula is odourless, not dusty during application, works fast and is effective for long periods of time.

How do you know when chickens have mites?

Mites are most prevalent during the warm period of summer. Mites do not live on chickens themselves but in the coop, hidden from sight in nooks and crannies during the day. To inspect chickens for mites is pointless, even if you clean their enclosure frequently, chickens can still get mites. If the chickens are incessantly pecking at their plumage, especially around the abdomen, they may well have mites. To check for mites, wait until the birds are sleeping and (with gloves) hold the bird firmly and look at your gloves for blood residue. If you see blood, you can be sure that mites are present, as they have been sucking the chicken's blood.

Biosil liquid

Biosil is based on amorphous silica with a gluey agent for excellent adhesion to the surfaces that are being treated. It works by having a physical and abrasive effect on the mites. By applying it in the coops, you are creating a barrier between the birds and the parasite. The inclusion of the special adhesive means that Biosil is long lasting. Within a week, you should start to see a decline in the number of mites and the associated symptoms in birds.


This product is simply sprayed into the coop with a standard home spray bottle (not included). Spray it into all surfaces in the enclosure concentrating on nooks and crannies where mites may be present. Remove all filters from the spray bottle. Biosil can also be painted onto wooden surfaces with a brush. It is best to apply Biosil in the evening, when mites are most active. When using this product, do not eat, drink or smoke and avoid contact with the eyes. In serious infestations, repeat treatment after three weeks.


  • Approx. 1 litre per 15-20 m².
  • Use undiluted.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Remove filters from the spray bottle.
  • Store frost free.
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