Bob Martin Spot On for Cats

Bob Martin Spot On for Cats

Bob Martin Spot On for Cats is no longer available. We recommend Amflee Spot-on Cat Effipro Spot On for Cats as a very suitable alternative.

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Product Description


3 pipettes (= 15 weeks)

Active Ingredient:



  1. Bob Martin Spot On is most effective when it is applied to two areas - at the base of the back of the head and between the shoulder blades.
  2. Remove the pipette from the pack. Hold it upright and break off the upper part of the cap to open.
  3. Separate your cat's fur until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the pipette directly onto the skin and squeeze gently.
  4. Squeeze the pipette several times to empty out the full dose. Do not rub the liquid in and, for optimal results, do not allow other pets to lick the liquid off.

Not suitable for


To combat fleas and ticks in dogs, use Bob Martin Spot On for Dogs.

Please Note

It is possible for ticks to break through the protecive barrier created by the drops, particularly in areas with a high tick population. Unfortunately, there are no flea or tick products that are 100% efficient so it is very important that you check your cat for ticks on a daily basis and remove them properly should you find any.

More information on this product can be found in the leaflet at the bottom of the page.

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