Bob Martin Spot On for Dogs

Bob Martin Spot On for Dogs

Unfortunately, the Bob Martin Spot On for Dogs is not available for sale anymore. Please have a look at our entire fleas and ticks range for alternatives.

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Product Description

Bob Martin Spot On continues to work even when your dog or cat has been in water. It is important not to wash your pet within 2 days of applying this product. Bob Martin Spot On cannot prevent ticks, but it will kill them within 48 hours. Bob Martin Spot On can also be applied to puppies older than 2 months and is also suitable for households with both dogs and cats.


Make sure your dog is older than 2 months and that you have bought the correct product suitable for the body weight of your dog. Use 1 pipette per dog and apply directly onto the skin.

  • Bob Martin Spot On drops should be administered in two places. On the back of the head and between the shoulder blades. If your dog wears a collar, you must remove it first.
  • Hold the bottle upright and then click the top off so that the pipette opens.
  • Spread your dog's fur apart so that the skin is visible. Place the front of the pipette onto the skin and gently squeeze the pipette. Squeeze about half a pipette onto the rear portion of the head and the other half between the shoulder blades.

Which pipette is most suitable for your dog?

  • Bob Martin Spot On Small dog is intended for small dogs between 2 and 10 kg and contains a 67 mg solution of Fipronil.
  • Bob Martin Spot On Medium dog is intended for medium-sized dogs between 10 and 20 kg and contains a 134 mg solution of Fipronil.
  • Bob Martin Spot On Large dog is designed for large dogs between 20 and 40 kg and contains a 268 mg solution of Fipronil.
  • Bob Martin Spot On X-large dog is for extra large dogs between 40 and 60 kg and contains a 402 mg solution of Fipronil.

Active Ingredient



  • Do not apply to fur
  • Do not rub in
  • Do not allow dogs to lick each other
  • Do not use in puppies under 2 months
  • Avoid frequent swimming
  • Do not wash too frequently after application
  • Leave at least 4 weeks between treatments.
  • Not suitable for rabbits

To combat fleas and ticks in cats, you can choose Bob Martin Spot On for Cats .

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