Boxby Protein Bites Salmon

Boxby Protein Bites Salmon

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Product Description

Boxby Protein Bites Salmon

Boxby Protein Bites Salmon are healthy and filling snacks for your dog. The snacks contain many proteins, but few calories. What's more, these snacks are 100% natural and oven dried. No extra oils or fats have been added to the snacks, so your dog can enjoy a healthy and filling snack.

How many snacks can I give my dog per day?

Boxby Protein Bites Lamb
DogNumber of snacks per day
Small dog 1 to 3 snacks
Medium-sized dog3 to 5 snacks
Large dog5 to 7 snacks

Please note: Ensure that you always provide your pet with plenty of drinking water when you give it Boxby Protein Bites Salmon.


70 grams



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