Bunny Nature Enjoy Nature Wild Apples

Bunny Nature Enjoy Nature Wild Apples

Bunny Nature Enjoy Nature Wild Apples is no longer avalaibe. Look on the page Bunny Nature for a suitable alternative.

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Product Description

Bunny Nature

Bunny Nature is a German enterprise that was founded out of love for animals. To this day, Bunny Nature's aim is to offer small mammals the optimum food, which is specifically adjusted to the animal's original, natural needs. The brand does not only offer an extensive range of food, but also ground cover and interactive toys.

Bunny Nature Enjoy Nature Wild Apples

If you want to offer your rabbit or rodent a healthy snack, you can choose Bunny Nature Enjoy Nature Wild Apples, for example. These pieces of apple are purely natural, complete with core and peel. No colourants, aromatics or flavourings have been added to this product. You can give your pet up to 1 piece a day, depending on the size and weight of the animal.

Bunny Nature Enjoy Nature Wild Apples is not suitable for dwarf hamsters and degus, because these animals have a disposition for diabetes.


40 grams

Product ID: 5132
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