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Cap EcoDome Complete, grey (without filter lid)

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  • Product Description

    PeeWee Litter Trays

    Litter trays from PeeWee are based on sustainability. The tray is made up of two parts, a lower container and an upper box. The upper box features a grid. When the cat uses the litter tray, 90% of the urine will filter through the grid of the upper box into the lower container. The residue is absorbed into the pellets in the upper box, which disintegrate into sawdust. This sawdust will fall through the holes when the cat digs, keeping the pellets in the upper box clean. The tray also keeps the cat's paws clean and dry, so no paw prints are left outside the litter tray.

    PeeWee EcoDome

    The PeeWee EcoDome is a sturdy, extra large, closed litter tray for big cat breeds (including the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest cat). For normal-sized cats there is PeeWee EcoHus. The material in the top absorbs odours. This litter tray is available in 3 colour combinations.

    PeeWee Wood Pellets

    The wood pellets from PeeWee are made from the sawdust of the Swedish spruce. These wood pellets are 100% biodegradable. The granules absorb plenty of moisture and give a fresh pine scent. No leaves or bark are added to these granules during the production process.

    For best results, use the PeeWee EcoDome in conjunction with the PeeWee Wood Pellets. The PeeWee Wood Pellets are formulated so they that are perfect to use in combination with the PeeWee Litter Trays. And because you only need a 2cm layer, a 14 litre bag of wood pellets can last for around 4 months!


    • First place a handful of cat litter in the bottom tray.
    • Remove the upper box from the bottom tray and fill it with a 2 cm layer of pellets.
    • Remove excrement daily to keep the pellets clean.
    • Empty the bottom tray when it is almost full (around once per week). The more sawdust is in the bottom tray, the more the odour can be absorbed.
    • Do not use an abrasive sponge to clean the bottom part, as it can cause small scratches which are a hotbed for bacteria.

    The PeeWee EcoHus features a video which demonstrates how the PeeWee litter trays work.

    Please note! The product PeeWee EcoDome - Hood - including Filter cover does not include handles and clips.

    Starter pack

    The PeeWee EcoDome starter pack consists of:

    • PeeWee EcoDome litter tray
    • PeeWee litter scoop
    • 3 kg wood pellets


    • Black/Black
    • Anthracite/Grey
    • Brown/Ivory


    66.5 x 48.5 x 46.5 cm

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