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Catit Senses Comfort Zone

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    This product is no longer available. You can find a suitable alternative here.

    Catit Senses Comfort Zone

    The Catit Senses comfort zone is the perfect place for your cat to relax after playing with the other Catit Senses elements or simply to just take a nap. The Comfort Zone comes with a therapeutic cushion. You can put this cushion in the fridge (for at least 3 hours) to create a cool and invigorating bed for your cat. The Catit Senses Comfort Zone also has a blue massage element. Your cat can rub its head, neck and face against it. The green knob on top helps to stimulate the cat's gums, which can help clean the teeth and gums. You can make the massage element extra attractive by adding some catnip.

    You can combine the Catit Senses Comfort Zone with the other Catit Senses play units. The Catit Senses Circuit can be placed under the bed, so your cat can play with the ball in the circuit by putting his paws through the openings in the Comfort Zone.

    Catit Senses

    See, smell, hear, feel and taste. The Catit Senses toys stimulate all your cat's senses. You can combine various Catit Senses play units to create the ultimate play heaven for your pet. From a drinking fountain to a place to relax, from cat grass to massager – the possibilities are endless.


    ca. 38 x 12 cm

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