Diet Food Dogs and Cats

Just like humans, pets can suffer from health conditions such as renal failure, obesity, or food allergy. This is why some cats and dogs can thrive on a special diet. Luckily, specific diet food can treat a health condition in a good way and provide additional support. A good example of a common health condition is urinary tract disease, in which bladder grit plays an important role. This painful condition can be kept under control with the help of the correct diet food. Vetsend offers various diets for joint or skin problems, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney or bladder issues or obesity. However, we do recommend to visit your local veterinary physician before giving your dog or cat diet food for the long term. Browse our entire diet food range online, with popular brands such as Royal Canin, TROVET, Hill’s and Specific and enjoy a 5% discount!

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