> Everything about diet food for dogs and cats

Everything about diet food for dogs and cats

Everything about diet food for dogs and cats

We want to give our pets the care that they deserve. Finding the correct food for your dog or cat is important to ensure your pet stays as healthy as possible. There is also diet food that helps support your pet when he or she falls ill. Think of bladder and urinary problems, kidney, liver, and gastrointestinal tract issues, but also skin and food allergies, diabetes, stress, obesity, joint problems, and so on.

Why should you give diet food to your dog or cat?

When your pet falls ill and your vet has determined the problem, you and your veterinarian need to come up with a plan to treat this issue. You can treat your pet with medications and supplements, but diet food is also a potential solution. Think of the diet food from Royal Canin and Hill’s, which you might have seen at the vet clinic. Have a look at our assortment of diet food for dogs and diet food for cats.

Keep in mind that diet food for cats is not suitable for dogs, and vice versa, unless clearly stated on the packaging.

How does diet food differ from normal food?

Diet food has been adjusted to give your pet support when he/she has fallen ill. Down below, we have given some examples.

we have given some examples. A kidney diet contains less protein. This is because, during the digestion of protein, certain substances are released that can be harmful to the kidneys. Phosphorus can also be taxing on the kidneys, so that’s why a kidney diet contains less phosphor. The salt intake has also been reduced to lower the blood pressure.

A hypoallergenic diet is often used to support the skin in case of a food allergy or intolerance. This food often contains hydrolysed(finely cut) proteins or proteins from one specific source, unknown to your pet. It also contains one less common source of carbohydrates and has additional vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to support the skin.

Another commonly prescribed diet food is food that helps prevent and dissolve bladder stones in dogs and cats. This food contains fewer substances that can form grit. It also helps to ensure a good urine acidity and it makes sure the urine is diluted.

Is your dog or cat currently on a different sort of diet food? You can read more about it in our diet food for dogs and cats article.

When do you give your dog or cat diet food?

The packaging of diet food will clearly describe in which cases you can give your pet the food. It will also describe when NOT to give the diet food. It’s always sensible to only give your pet diet food if it has been advised by your veterinarian.

[h2]How long should I give diet food to my dog or cat?[/p]

A food manufacturer is legally obliged to state that you can give the diet food to your pet for up to 6 months. This does not mean that this diet food should not be given after 6 months. The 6-month period is for getting your dog or cat checked by your veterinarian again. If the diet food has the desired effect on your dog or cat, it can be advised that you give the food a little longer, or even for the rest of your pet’s life. This might happen when your pet suffers from kidney failure, allergies, or arthrosis issues. These are conditions that don’t just disappear, so these pets will probably be on the diet food for a long time or the rest of their life.

Are you currently giving your pet diet food? Don’t just abruptly stop giving this food. Always talk to your veterinarian first. They can give you advice about how long your pet should be on diet food.

You can always contact our veterinarians at veterinarian@vetsend.co.uk if you have questions about diet food.

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