Fear of Fireworks in Dogs & Cats

A fear of fireworks is a common problem, especially in dogs and cats. However, it can be treated effectively by starting a specialised training schedule, provided this is done in time. Besides training, there are also numerous items available to help calm your pet and to diminish the level of anxiety.

Tips from our veterinarian

First tip:

Prepare your pets for fireworks on time:

  • For example, you can start getting them used to the loud bangs using the Fireworks CD, but make sure you start at least two months before the event.
  • You can start giving soothing nutritional supplements from the beginning of October (for Bonfire Night) or December (for New Year's Eve), such as Telizen or Zylkene.
  • Allow your dog or cat time to get used to the ThunderShirt before putting it on during Bonfire Night or New Year's Eve.

Second Tip:

You should visit your veterinarian if your pet has a very intense reaction to fireworks. They will be able to prescribe calming medication such as Diazepam and Xanax.

Third Tip:

Definitely do NOT give your pet ACP (Acepromazine) to treat a fear of fireworks. This makes them even more sensitive to loud bangs.

For more information please consult the veterinary article about fear of fireworks here.

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