Fresh Air Rabbit & Rodent

Fresh Air Rabbit & Rodent

Fresh Air Rabbit & Rodent is no longer available. Suitable alternatives can be found here.

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Product Description

Fresh Air Rabbit & Rodent

Small animal cages and hutches with urine odours are no longer a problem with Fresh Air Rabbit & Rodent.

Fresh Air Rabbit & Rodent contains micro-organisms that remove and prevent odours from rodent cages and rabbit hutches. The agent naturally breaks down urine, and the micro-organisms use the released ammonia as an energy supply. Odour formation is prevented, as the micro-organisms multiply and continue to be active for at least a week.

There are several ways to reduce unpleasant odours. The most commonly used are non-natural antibacterial agents, chemical compounds (such as chlorine) and masking agents (such as perfume). These products are often ineffective or not animal friendly. Fresh Air Rabbit & Rodent contains micro-organisms which clean up 'odour particles' and ensure that no more are released. For dirt, such as caked or soiled bedding, the product also contains wax. Wax encapsulates the dirt so that it is easy to remove.


  • Remove the soiled bedding from the cage.
  • Rinse the cage with water.
  • Shake aerosol well before use.
  • Spray a few times over the bottom and sides to clean the cage.
  • Dry the cage and again spray a few times over the bottom and sides.
  • Add new bedding in the cage and spray over it a few times.

Fresh Air Rabbit & Rodent is 100% safe for use around people and animals. There are no known side effects or adverse reactions, even during pregnancy, lactation, or use of medication.

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