IAMS Dog Food

IAMS Dog Food

History of IAMS Dog Food

IAMS, first developed in 1946 by Paul F. Iams. Paul F. Iams believed that the best nutrition for your pet is obtained by really getting to know the animal. He was looking for new ways to develop high quality pet food and ultimately give it a better life. Over the years, IAMS has done innovative research into the best dog food and has improved and adapted the food over and over again to the specific needs of the animal. IAMS diets are based on the on the carnivorous nature of dogs and cats, thus incorporating high quality animal protein in their pet food.

Nutritional philosophy of IAMS

The fact that IAMS' food is different from other pet food is not only due to years of research and commitment to the health of pets. But also by a different way of thinking about nutritional needs and the behaviour of dogs. IAMS believes that the right dog food can do amazing things for your furry friend. For example, the right dog food can support digestion, weight loss, tartar, muscles and the immune system.

For all ages and lifestyles

IAMS offer a complete, balanced diet for all ages and lifestyles in both dogs and cats. IAMS food contains high quality protein and animal fat, which subsequently add flavour to the food but do not have any additional colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

IAMS Advantages

To illustrate all of the advantages and nutritious values of each type of IAMS food, a series of icons are used to highlight health benefits on the packaging. IAMS was the first to:

  • The idea to feed cats and dogs as they are by nature: carnivores.
  • Dry food based on animal proteins, which fits the needs of dogs and cats.
  • Formulas for every stage of life, even puppy food to make puppies smarter and learn better.
  • Formulas created based on the everyday needs of pets and their owners.

IAMS Dog Food Range

IAMS has developed two main product ranges, the IAMS Naturally and Proactive Health lines. These two lines are actually both trying to mimic the natural diet of dogs. Vetsend provides these two food lines from IAMS. You can find more information about both product lines below.

IAMS Naturally

The Naturally range from IAMS specialises in balanced diets made exclusively from 100% natural ingredients for your dog. These ingredients are all free of colourings and flavourings. A well-known dog food is that with fresh lamb and rice. A well-known IAMS dog food option is that with fresh lamb and rice: IAMS Naturally Dog - Lamb & Rice. Do you prefer to serve your furry friend fish instead of meat? Then IAMS Salmon & Rice could be a better option. These easily digestible ingredients have a supporting effect on the digestion, muscles, coat and immune system.

IAMS Proactive Health

The diets from this product range are made to give dogs of different life stages and sizes a suitable diet choice. A good example is IAMS Dog Puppy & Junior - Large, specific dog food for puppies and young large dogs. This delicious dry food is suitable for young dogs of large dog breeds from the age of 1 to 12 months. The ingredients of this food are specially formulated to support large dog breeds in the early stages.