Medical Pet Shirt Dog

Medical Pet Shirt Dog

Medical Pet Shirt provides hygienic protection after surgery or in cases of skin disease. The Medical Pet Shirt does not impair your dog's range of movement.

Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Blue M plus
  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Blue XXXXS


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Blue XXXS


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Blue XXS


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Blue XS


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Blue S


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Blue S plus


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Blue M


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Blue M plus


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Blue L


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Blue XL


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Blue XXL


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Product Description

The Medical Pet Shirt looks like a canine onesie. It can be easily removed thanks to the opening at the back. When going for a walk, it can be secured with press studs near the tail. In case of incontinence, or when a bitch is in season, a panty liner or sanitary towel can be fitted. The Medical Pet Shirt is comfortable, hygienic and machine washable at 30º Celsius.

How do I put it on my dog?

For small dogs with short legs, pull the shirt over the head first, and then insert legs into the relevant openings one by one. For larger dogs, it is easier to first insert one leg, then the head followed by the other legs, and finally pulling the shirt up your dog's torso, pulled back as far as possible. The two ends of the ventral side (between the hind legs) can be affixed using the press studs. Ensure there is sufficient room for the tail.


After surgery, for skin disorders, in oestrus or incontinence.

  • After surgery
  • The Medical Pet Shirt reduces stress, anxiety and uncertainty after surgery (compared to the clear plastic collar)
  • The dog cannot reach the wound
  • Because the Medical Pet Shirt is not tight around the belly, the wound is sufficiently aired, and should remain dry
  • The Medical Pet Shirt is light blue inside the belly, so any seepage from the wound is visible. A panty liner can be applied inside the shirt, or between the double layer at the abdomen
  • During anaesthesia dogs are often shaved, and body temperature is lowered. The Medical Pet Shirt will keep the dog warm after surgery
  • During oestrus or incontinence

Using the Medical Pet Shirt means less blood or urine stains in your house. Unlike the pants, dogs find it difficult to remove the shirt so it is hygienic for you and the dog.

Please note: The Medical Pet Shirt does not have a hole in it to allow for urination. However, you can easily open the back using the press studs and roll the shirt up when taking your pet out.

Size of Medical Pet ShirtLength from collar to tailNeck circumference from - to*Example breeds
XXXXS19 - 30cm18 - 28cmMini Chihuahua, cats
XXXS22 - 35cm24 - 38cmChihuahua, Toy Poodle, cats
XXS33 - 42cm24 - 38cmLhasa, Yorkshire Terrier, cats
XS40 - 45cm26 - 42cmMaltese, Boston Terrier, cats
S43 - 51cm31 - 44cmBeagle, French Bulldog, Fox Terrier
S plus49 - 57cm32 - 48cmBeagle, American Staffordshire, Chow-Chow
M55 - 69cm38 - 54cmSchnauzer, Samoyed
M plus61 - 72cm41 - 60cmCollie, Boxer, Labrador
L67 - 76cm41 - 60cmLabrador, Rottweiler, German Shepherd
XL74 - 82cm51 - 76cmBullmastiff, Rhodesian Ridgeback
XXL80 - 92cm51 - 76cmLeonberger, St Bernard, Newfoundlander

*These measurements exclude a potential 10% deviation on textiles.


The Medical Pet Shirt can be cleaned in the washing machine at 30 °Celsius.

What size should I order for my dog, and what if the shirt doesn't fit?

Measure your pet from the collar to the beginning of the tail to make a good estimate. It is better for the shirt to be slightly tight than for it to be too loose. The following sizes are the lengths from the neck to the tail of the dog. Please note: because we are often faced with returns of Medical Pet Shirts which are dirty, we apply the following rules for returns. If the Vetsend employee receives a Medical Pet Shirt which is dirty / stained / worn / contains dog hair / has a dirty smell or has been washed after use, we reserve the right to not refund money to your account. We will not return the shirt to you, but donate it to a local animal shelter.

TIP: To prevent hair ending up on the product or it becoming dirty, we recommend putting a T-shirt on your dog first.

It's important to know how to measure your pet properly to ensure that you purchase the right size. The How to determine the right size for my pet article offers insight and tips on the best way to do this!

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Medical Pet Shirt Dog
By , 09 May 2019

Very pleased with product and easy to put on.MyShih Tzu had a blockage in his intestine and needed an operation.This shirt kept the wound covered and he did not mind wearing it .Washed by hand and is as good as new.

My dog doesn’t want to take it off :)
By , 20 April 2019

My dog had surgery and the vet put one of these on him a size too small so it was too tight and uncomfortable for him. I ordered him this in a size up and he loves to wear it :) he loves his comfort and actually stands and waits for me to put it on him.

medical shirts
By , 13 April 2019

The medical shirts were a great help and easily washable thank you

Good design - I got too small though
By , 06 April 2019

The design is good however I measured my chichuchu as 19cm and bought the XXXS size which was too small - so I cut it at the neck and front legs so it moved down the body - that worked. For information my dog weighs 2.6 kg

Medical Pet Shirt
By , 04 April 2019

Sizing as stated. Great purchase. Our dog seemed comfortable wearing it. Kept him from accessing lower wound. Would recommend as much more comfortable than a cone.

Medical pet suit
By , 03 April 2019

The product I received was a MPS (medical pet suit) which I was recommended to by a friend. This suit is FANTASTIC and does the job to 100% to satisfaction. Highly recommend.

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