PhytoTreat Equi-Zema

PhytoTreat Equi-Zema

PhytoTreat Equi-Zema, is no longer available. You can find a suitable alternative on our page with Skin, Coat & Mane Conditions in Horses.

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Product Description

Summer Eczema

Summer eczema is a skin condition in horses. In general, it is believed that summer eczema is the result of an allergic reaction to the bite of a small mosquito species; the midge (Culicoides species). Other factors, including genetic predisposition and underlying disturbances in metabolism can lead to the condition.

PhytoTreat Equi-Zema:

This is a skin cream that supports the natural recovery of sensitive and damaged skin and is moisturising and soothing for wounds resulting from summer eczema. The ingredients in PhytoTreat Equi-Zema are substances originating from plants and extracts suitable for use on the skin. Equi-Zema is easy to apply, is well tolerated by horses and protects sensitive skin.


Summer Eczema is characterised by seasonal periods of severe itching, especially on the mane and tail. Itching is worse than pain. Horses will rub these areas leading to loss of hair, thickening of the skin, skin lesions, crusting and eventually (in severe cases) infected wounds. Although the symptoms themselves are not life threatening, quality of life can be drastically reduced.

There is currently no preventive (vaccination) or curative therapy for summer eczema. Treatment of horses with summer eczema consists mainly of treating the symptoms. To prevent insect bites, horses are often injected with insect repellents or fly blankets. Veterinary treatment mainly consists of the administration of corticosteroids.


In case of acute symptoms, apply twice a day. For mild symptoms a daily application will be enough. Clean sensitive or damaged skin with a soft brush or sponge to remove dirt. If necessary, clip or shave long hairs away. Equi-Zema does not work as an insect repellent. Using Equi-Zema in combination with an insect repellent or an eczema blanket will help prevent new insect bites and treat the source of the problem.


Glycerolum, macrogolum 4000, methylpropaandiol, caprylyl glycol, fenylpropanol, aqua purificata, Cardiospermum halicacabum extract, paeonolum, propionylacetovanillonum, caryophilli floris aetheroleum, oleum rosmarini.

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