This category offers all of the necessary products, such as medication, supplements and food for rodents.


The food for rodents within this category include specifically designed, balanced diets to ensure that each particular species receives all of the necessary vitamins and fibres. The assortment includes specialised food for guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, degus, ferrets, mice and rats.

Medication and Supplements

Medication and supplements can be given to rodents for multiple reasons, such as pain relief or the prevention of certain ailments. If your rodent is recovering from surgery, suffering from illness or old age it is adviseable to give them supplements to maintain their health.

Supplies and Accessories

Vetsend offers a diverse selection of necessities for your rodent, such as bedding, drinking bottles, cleaning products for the enclosure and medical supplies.


The Hygiene & Surroundings category contains all of the necessary products to keep the enclosure and its surroundings clean.