Royal Canin Fibre Response

Does your dog or cat easily get an upset stomach? Or do they suffer from diarrhoea or constipation? Then it might help to give your pet some special diet food. Royal Canin has developed a special formula to support your dog or cat with gastrointestinal issues. The Fibre Response diet contains a higher amount of fibres to restore the balance of the gut flora. You can get this diet food if your pet has one of the following conditions:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease (Ulcerative colitis)
  • Stress (due to moving to a new place, an addition to the family, and so on)
  • Acute and chronic constipation
  • Conditions that require a high content of fibre

Royal Canin Fibre Response - Dog

The specific nutrients in this diet contribute to a healthy digestion and gut flora. Special fibres like FOS, MOS, beet pulp and psyllium support the passage of the food through the intestines and improve the quality of the digestion. If your dog is constipated, the diet helps to soften the digestion thanks to the moisture in the intestines. The healthy cells and tissues are also well-protected and preserved. The food usually isn't given for a long period, so make sure to consult your veterinarian before using the diet.

Royal Canin Fibre Response - Cat

The Fibre Response diet for cats has the same benefits as the one for dogs. It will improve the quality of the digestion thanks to the high content of fibre and will support the digestive system. Plus, the healthy tissue and cells will be protected and preserved thanks to the carefully selected ingredients.

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