Snacks & Toys for dogs and cats

Delicious snacks and challenging toys for your dog or cat

Surprise and spoil your pet with a fun toy or a tasty snack with a 5% discount on all toys and treats! Discount code: SURPRISE3120

There’s nothing like surprising and spoiling your beloved pet with a new toy or a tasty treat. Dogs and cats have a natural instinct to play. By giving pets a variety of interactive toys, you can stimulate this instinct. It is important that dogs have extra strong toys that are not harmful and less likely to be destructed. A cat’s hunting instinct can be stimulated by toys with rustling sounds and fast movements. Over time, you will need to replace toys that have been worn out due to intensive use or wild play habits. In our assortment you will find the best cat and dog toys such as dog balls, floss ropes, playing rods and many more fun toys. Once playtime is over, you can spoil your dog or cat with a tasty treat. At Vetsend you’re guaranteed to find a delicious treat for all types of pets.

The promotion is valid until Sunday, 2 August

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