Vetamin Equine

Vetamin Equine

Vetamin Equine is no longer available. You can find a suitable alternative on our page with Vitamins & Supplements for Horses

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Product Description

Vetamin Equine

Vetamin Equine is a vitamin and mineral supplement for horses and ponies, which is also particularly beneficial for breeding, racing and sports horses.

Vetamin Equine is a great source of vitamins and minerals throughout the year, specially designed for leisure and sport horses, or for horses recovering from injury. Regular horse feed often does not contain enough essential vitamins and minerals. Many nutrients in grain are lost between the time of harvest and the moment it is fed to your horse. Because these nutrients are vital for many bodily functions, it's important that our horses get enough in order to achieve normal growth and optimal health.

Vetamin Equine is a food supplement; a mixture of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, including the trace element chromium. Chromium has an anabolic-like effect when combined with exercise. It is ideal for horses that are in training for races, shows or other athletic performances.

Vetamin Equine is great for:

General health and vitality, production of red blood cells, overall performance of the horse, coat condition and colour, muscle development, horses prone to build-up of toxins in the muscles, improving condition, optimal fertility, conservation of tendon strength, show preparation.


  • Vitamins per 56g daily requirement: Vitamin A | 15.3mg, Vitamin B1 | 37.5 mg, Vitamin B2 | 34mg, Vitamin B3 | 125 mg, Vitamin B5 | 54mg, Vitamin B6 | 20mg, Vitamin B12 | 100ug, Vitamin C | 952ug, Vitamin D3 | 75ug, Folic acid 5mg.
  • Minerals per 56g per daily requirement: Iron | 175mg, Copper | 39mg, Cobalt | 280ug, Magnesium | 174mg, Zinc | 174mg, Iodine | 392ug, Selenium | 448ug, Salt | 2.5g

Available in a 2.5 kg powder box with measuring cup.

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