TickSAFE Tick Remover
TickSAFE Tick Remover
TickSAFE Tick Remover
TickSAFE Tick Remover

TickSAFE Tick Remover

With the TickSAFE Tick Remover, you can remove ticks in the most safe, easy and effective way. You only need to place the gripper on the tick and the special gripper button will automatically twist the tick out of your pet. You can also order a refill with attachments that are also suitable for removing ticks from your own body.

TickSAFE Tick Remover - Human
  • TickSAFE Tick Remover - Human


  • TickSAFE Tick Remover - Animal


  • Accessories
  • TickSAFE Refill - Green - Animal


  • TickSAFE Refill - Transparent - Human


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Product Description

TickSAFE Tick Remover

The tick remover from TickSAFE is a new method for removing ticks. Ticks can transmit diseases. Standard tick removers or tongs often cause the tick to be crushed, which can lead to these disease carriers to be left in the body. Because the tick is gently enclosed, it will not resist as much and be easier to remove. This means the TickSAFE Tick Remover reduces the risk of diseases.

An innovative German product

The TickSAFE Tick Remover is an innovative and award-winning product invented by a German human doctor with 15 years of experience in the area of ticks. After five years of development, the tick remover has now been perfected. The product was originally intended for human use, so it meets the highest possible quality standards. The TickSAFE Tick Remover is produced in Germany with decency, precision, safety and technical accuracy, all of the things the country is known for.

Suitable for

There are two types of attachments, transparent ones and green ones. The green gripper-heads are made for use in animals and the transparent heads are made for removing ticks in humans. The gripper-head for humans can also be used for your pet. The attachments are made of different materials and differ in their dome shape in the gripper-head. This is because ticks are often smaller and less firm in humans, so the attachments are tailored to the tick species.


  • Press the push button with your thumb so that the gripper-head opens fully
  • The opened gripper is placed onto the skin at a right angle, so the tick is at the centre.
  • Then carefully release the push button. The gripper now has to grip the tick and be twisted. You may have to make several attempts to remove smaller ticks.


If the gripper-head is dirty, you can replace it and clean it. You don't need to perform any special maintenance, but if the tick remover doesn't function properly anymore, you can submerge it briefly in a solution of washing up liquid (5 parts water, 1 part washing up liquid) and press the push button until the mechanism is functioning properly again.

Replacing the gripper-head

  • Pull the shaft off the gripper-head. There will be some resistance when you do this.
  • If you want to attach a new gripper, you have to place the remove and gripper-head in such a way that the markings overlap. You can place the gripper onto the shaft of the tick remover with one click.
  • Do not tilt the gripper-head or twist when removing the tick, just remove in length.


Store the tick-gripper in a safe place so that the gripper-head cannot be damaged. After use, the best thing to do is place the protective cap over the tick remover. Then a large tick has been crushed, you should change the head for hygiene reasons.

Contents of Tick Remover

1 tick remover with 1 extra gripper-head.

Contents of Refills

2 gripper-heads with storage capsule.

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Great product.
By , 26 August 2019

A brilliant product. Works very very well.Would recommend to anyone a tick problem.

Excellent product
By , 20 July 2019

Having used the hook style tick remover for years, this one is far superior. So easy to use particularly for very small ticks, fast & much less stressful for your dog. An excellent product.

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