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Cat Litter

When you have purchased a suitable litter box for your cat, the next step is to find proper cat litter.

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Which litter you will have to use depends on your cat’s preference. There’s a good chance you won’t find the litter that suits your cat on the first try. Fortunately, Vetsend offers a large selection in different kinds of cat litter. This makes it easy for you to find a replacement if your cat prefers a different filling.

Which preference does your cat have?

Cats are generally clean and hygienic animals. The litter tray should always be clean and dry, as cats avoid dirty litter trays. Besides hygiene, fragrance is another important factor. The litter box should not smell like faeces or urine, and certainly not like all kinds of perfume. It is also important to avoid the litter sticking to your cat’s paws.

Organic Cat Litter

When your choosing organic cat litter, you help to create a better environment. At Vetsend you can choose between organic litter that includes straw, maize, wood, recycled paper or even walnut bark. The natural composition of these fillings is biodegradable. Other benefits are good absorption, less smell and less dust. Would you like to go for organic cat litter? Then have a look at premium brands such as Cat’s Best or Greencat.

Clumping cat litter or not?

Clump-forming cat litter

Cat litter can consist of mineral or vegetable raw materials. When you decided which one you prefer above the other, you can also decide if you want your cat litter to clump or not. Clump forming litter usually quickly absorbs urine which avoids unpleasant odours. You can easily remove the clumps from the litter box. Often, clumping filling is based on bentonite, but nowadays there are also clumping fillings available that are vegetable-based. A good example is the cat litter of Almo Nature. Do you prefer non-vegetable cat litter? Biokat’s is a fine and clump forming cat litter that consists of natural clay or cabbage.

Non-clumping cat litter

Does your cat reject clump forming cat litter? Then rather go for a non-clumping litter which easily falls apart and absorbs unpleasant odours and moisture. It is important that you clean the entire litter box after a few days. Most non-clumping cat litter is vegetable based, such as the PeeWee Wood Pellets.

Kittens and cat grit

Keep in mind that clumping cat grit is not a good idea for your kitten! Your kitten is often too curious for its own liking and could eat the clump forming litter, which forms a lump in its stomach. This is why you should always choose non-clumping litter specially developed for kittens!