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Dog Leads

The moment you take your dog for a walk, you need to be able to leash him. It is important to choose a practical and animal-friendly method. In addition, your four-legged friend might have his own preference. Vetsend has a great selection of leads. In this category, you will undoubtedly find an item that suits both you and your fluffy companion!

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Types of leads

When you are deciding what kind of leash suits your dog and you as owner, there are various things you can take into account. How does your dog behave on a leash? How big is your dog? Are you going for a long or short line? These are all things to think about. Fortunately, we have plenty of dog leashes to choose from

Classic dog leash

The classic dog leash is simple yet practical and available in different lengths and materials. Do you live in the city? Then it is better to buy a shorter leash. Do you have more space? Then a longer leash can offer a solution. The Nobby Dog Leash is a simple leash that is 5, 10 or 15 meters long.

If you like a more modern look, the Trixie BE NORDIC is a nice option. The lead is made of beautifully woven rope and is also adjustable in 3 ways. Two different sizes are available, depending on your dog’s strength.

Retractable leashes

Popular dog leashes are the retractable leashes from Flexi. These retractable leads are equipped with an automatically retractable dog leash. This way, it is easy to adjust the lead according to the situation around you. Because of the handle, this lead is always comfortable in your hand.

Slip leash

A slip leash is both a leash and a collar in one. This makes it one of the fastest and simplest ways to leash your dog. This leash has two loops, one for your hand and one for around your dog’s neck. The lead also has a safety stop! This way you can prevent the collar loop from becoming too small or too big for your dog. This leash is ideal if your dog is allowed to run loose regularly. The Rebel Petz Training Line is one of the slip leads in our assortment.

Led collar

LED collar for your dog is very useful while walking during dark days. The Trixie Glowing USB Collar is a light-up dog collar made of silicone. LED collars are easy to attach to your dog’s neck and can be quickly charged for the next walk with the included USB cable.

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