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Dog Leads

The moment you take your dog for a walk, you need to be able to leash him. It is important to choose a practical and animal-friendly method.

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In addition, your four-legged friend might have his own preference. Vetsend has a great selection of leads. In this category, you will undoubtedly find an item that suits both you and your fluffy companion!

Different types of leads

When choosing a lead for you and your dog, you should keep a couple of aspects in mind. How does your dog behave on the lead? How big is your dog? Will you get a long or a short lead? All things to keep in mind when choosing a dog lead. Thankfully, Vetsend is the place to be with over 70 different dog leads.

Classic dog leads

The classic dog lead is simple yet practical and available in several different lengths and materials. Do you live in a city? A shorter lead is more convenient. Do you have a little more space and freedom? A longer lead is easier. The Nobby Dog Leash is a simple dog lead that’s 5 metres long.

The Trixie BE NORDIC is a good option if you’re into a more modern look. This lead is made of braided rope and adjustable in 3 ways. The lead is available in two sizes, depending on how strong your dog is.

Retractable leads

Popular leads are the retractable leads from Flexi. These are automatically retracting dog leads. This allows you to anticipate any situation you and your dog may encounter, by making the lead shorter or longer in an instant. The handle ensures that the lead is always comfortable to hold.

Slip leads

A slip lead is a lead and a collar in one. It’s one of the simplest and quickest ways to leash your dog. These leads have two loops, one for your hand and one for your dog’s neck. Make sure that the lead has a so-called safety stopper! This prevents the collar-loop from getting either too loose or too tight for your dog’s neck. This lead is perfect for when your dog is allowed off lead often. Check out the Rebel Petz Training Leash for an example.