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Garden Animals Supplies

Garden animals are always on the lookout for shelter, nesting places, food and safety. Most animals will choose a small and quiet place for shelter, but you can also help by providing a cozy home for them.

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Help garden animals feel safe by placing houses or hiding places in your garden. You can also transform your balcony into an animal-friendly environment in a few simple steps. Our product range includes various houses and hiding places that will make your balcony or (city) garden even more appealing to garden animals.

Bird house

Birds make nests in order to safely hatch and rear their young. Birds gather organic materials such as twigs and grass to build their nest in a safe place. You can help the birds by hanging a bird house in your garden or on your balcony.

Hedgehog house

Hedgehogs spend the winter months in hibernation, in a safe and sheltered place. When autumn sets in, they start looking for organic materials to build their shelter for the winter period. To build this shelter, hedgehogs use twigs, leaves and other materials to keep themselves warm. Of course, you could place a hedgehog house in your garden to save the hedgehogs all the work.

Insect hotel

When you look in the corners of your garden, under flower pots or log piles, you are guaranteed to find insects. By placing an insect hotel in your garden, you offer the insects a safe and dry place from which they can do useful work. An insect hotel can house various insects such as ladybirds, butterflies and beetles. The insects can nestle in one of the different “rooms” of the insect hotel. Placing an insect hotel is a positive contribution to the natural balance. It contributes to the natural balance between plants, animals and micro-organisms in your garden.