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Rope Dog Toys

Floss toys are perfect to play pulling games with your dog and most dogs find a lot of joy in games like these. It’s also healthy as it stimulates exercise and the toy rubbing against your dog’s gums can prevent dental plaque. Floss toys are made of braided ropes that are tied on both ends.
Playing a pulling game is a fun way to work on the relationship between you and your dog. Your dog bites into one side of the toy, while you pull the other. Whoever obtains the toy first, wins. Floss toys are also suitable for fetching.
Floss toys are not suitable for chewing as your dog might swallow lose threads. As puppies tend to chew on everything, keep an eye on him when he’s playing with a floss toy. When playing a pulling game with your pup, be careful and don’t pull to hard as it might damage your pup’s teeth.

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How to play a pulling game with your dog?

Many are under the impression that if the dog wins the pulling game, he would think he is the boss and the dominant one between you and him. However, it turns out this isn’t true. As the owner, you should make rules and make it clear that it is a game, so your dog learns he needs to listen to play. Down below we explain some rules.

  • Teach your dog he’s only allowed to grab the floss toy when you permit him to. You don’t want your dog to pull the toy from your hands whenever you show it. You can think of a command before you play the game.
  • Teach your dog he’s not allowed to bite you. If you feel his teeth, let him know he’s hurting you by shouting ‘au’. Stop playing immediately.
  • Teach your dog the command ‘let go’. Your dog needs to learn to listen to your commands, even if he is excited.
  • We spoke about having a command before the game begins, but it is as important to have one for when the game is done. The command “done’ is fine. Put the toy out of sight so your dog knows the game is over.
  • If your dog doesn’t abide by the rules, stop playing and try again later.

Floss toys

Want to play a pulling game with your dog? Look through our assortment of various floss toys. We have standard cotton rope toys, animal -shaped toys or toys with a squeak to stimulate their playing behaviour.