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Dog Chew Toys

All dogs chew. As a predatory species, it is part of their instinct. However, chewing is also important to maintain healthy teeth, and to keep your dog happy. To ensure your dog doesn’t destroy your furniture, it is important to give him a dog toy he can bite on. These toys also give you the opportunity to leave your dog happy and busy on his own.

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The need to chew

We all know that a dog’s predecessor is the wolf. The jaw of a wolf is so strong, it is able to crush the bones of its prey. In fact, bones are actually part of a wolf’s diet. Even though our furry friends might not look like a wolf anymore, they still have predatory teeth, and with that comes the desire to chew. Like the wolf, a dog is also able to chew bones into small parts. The acid in a dog’s stomach weakens the bone particles and leaves calcium and minerals in the dog’s body. Chewing also releases endorphin, also known as a ‘happiness hormone’. With this hormone, your dog will surely feel content.

Healthy teeth

Chewing is very important to maintain the health of your dog’s teeth. While chewing on a dog bone, the bone will scrape against his teeth and gums, which can clean of dirt that was stuck there. It will also improve a dog’s calcium intake, which makes their teeth stronger. These aspects together can prevent infections and tartar.

Puppies and their chewing habits

Puppies are wonderful, but we also know that they are able to destroy your newly bought furniture with their chewing habits, which is a bit less wonderful. It is important to teach your puppy from a young age that they aren’t allowed to bite you or your furniture so offer your pup an alternative like a chewing toy. When you find your pup biting on your wooden table leg, give him the toy so he learns that he’s only allowed to chew on this.

Finding the perfect toy

It is very likely your dog will turn all his toys into a chewing toy, however, not all are made to be one. It is better to give your dog a toy that is produced for chewing. Look for a toy that is soft enough for comfortable biting, but hard enough so it won’t break easily. We don’t want sharp pieces breaking off, as it could possibly hurt your dog’s intestines. Make sure the toy is big enough for your dog. It is always smart to keep an eye on your dog when he’s chewing on his toy.

Different options

There are many different options when it comes to picking the perfect chewing toy for your dog but most of them are made of nylon or rubber. There are also toys that include flavours like bison horn, mint or cheese. Some also allow you to put treats inside the toy, for an even happier dog! There is plenty of choice. Have a browse through our products to find the perfect toy for your dog.