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Flea Spray for Dogs

Did you know that only 5% of a flea population is on your dog? The other 95% (eggs, larvae and pupae) live in your dog’s environment! It is therefore important to also treat your home properly to reduce the chances of re-infestation.

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Flea spray for home

It is important to vacuum your home well before treating with an anti-flea spray. Do you have vacuum bags in your hoover? If so, tape them shut after every vacuuming and dispose of them in the bin outside. Then you can use the environmental spray, e.g. Virbac Indorex Defence Spray. It is also important to wash all rugs and baskets at a high temperature.

There are different types of sprays. There are insecticide-based sprays, but also products with dimethicone, for example. This puts a layer over the parasite, preventing them from moving. An example is the Beaphar DIMETHIcare Environment Spray.

Flea spray for dogs

Besides anti-flea spray for the home, there are also sprays you can use on your sweet dog. These can often be used from a very young age and can therefore be ideal to use with a litter of puppies that have become infested with fleas.