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Dog Training and Agility

There’s loads of different ways you can train your dog. Most of the time, it starts of by following a puppy course. If you are interested in teaching your dog some more skills, you can follow obedience,- agility,- flyball, or hunting training. Exercising with your dog has increased in popularity too, think of Canicross. Giving your dog proper training improves the bond between owner and dog and can prevent behavioral issues. Not just that, it’s also a lot of fun!

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Products for dog training

There are many different ways in which you can train your dog. Usually, owners start training at an early age, with a puppy class and continue with obedience, agility or flyball classes. More and more, people are actively exercising together with their dogs, an example of which includes the up and coming ‘Canicross’. There are many benefits to exercising together, aside from the fact that it is fun to do, such as a diminished risk of behavioural problems and a better relationship between dog and owner.

Dog training is often performed by owners who want a fun, obedient family dog or want to enjoy spending time with their dog, recreationally. Others train their dogs with professional targets in mind, such as the training of rescue dogs, seeing eye dogs, shepherding, etc.


One of the most important aspects of training your dog is rewarding them, through positive attention, playtime or treats. Our product range includes a number of treats designed specifically for rewarding your dogs during training. These include items such as Royal Canin Educ and Coachies Training Treats.

Dog training for behavioural problems

Behavioural problems in dogs are quite common and not only problematic for the dog but also for their owner. Behavioural problems range from pulling on the leash during walks to snapping at other dogs, etc. By training your dog it becomes possible to improve these problems.


Once your dog has completed the puppy class you can start obedience training, although this is also possible for dogs at a later age (for example, with dogs that come from the pound). Obedience training aims to improve or maintain the relationship between the dog and its owner. An obedient dog will develop good social skills and behave well as they know what is expected of them.

Clicker Training

There are different methods and tools that can be used for obedience training. An example includes clicker training. This type of training rewards desired behaviour and ignores undesired behaviour, which teaches the dog that good behaviour leads to rewards and praise. The clicker is an effective and useful tool because it always makes the exact same sound, no matter how many times it is clicked or how quickly it is clicked. A premium brand that provides high quality clickers for dogs is Trixie.