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Protective Cones for Cats

A protective collar or cone is often used after surgery to keep your cat from licking or biting its wound. Vetsend offers multiple different protective collars so you can ensure that there is one for your cat. Picking a protective collar doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are a few things you need to know. Of course, the collar needs to fit and stay in place. To decide on the right size, you need to know the distance between your cat’s nose and neck. The collar needs to go past its nose so your cat isn’t able to reach its body. Every product has its own sizing chart with different dimensions. Cats are smart, so sometimes they’ll find a way to get rid of the collar. To prevent this from happening, attach the cone to a collar using the elastic band on the cone.

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Different types of protective cones

Vetsend offers two types of protective collars; a regular protective collar and an inflatable collar. The benefit of an inflatable colour is that you can deflate it, which makes it easier for cleaning, storing and washing. Both types of collars are very soft and comfortable for your pet.


Vetsend offers 6 different protective collars with each their own colour, design and material. All collars have the same goal; preventing your cat from licking a healing wound. One of the most popular collars is the AA Easy-fix collar ; a light comfortable collar made of plastic. If you are looking for more comfort, consider the Comfy Cone Collar, a soft collar made from nylon. This collar is also foldable so it makes it easier for your cat to drink and eat. With the KONG cushion, your cat keeps his field of view so he can play and sleep without hindrance from the collar.