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Bird Supplies

Are you a proud bird owner? In this category, we provide all the products you will need to take care of your bird. Think of bedding, toys, feeders and drinking bowls. We also offer products to keep your bird’s enclosure clean and tidy, for a happy bird and a happy owner!


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For the enclosure

With our products, you are able to make your pet’s enclosure as comfortable and fun as possible. The first thing you will need is a feeder and drinking bottle. Choose something that is easily attached, and easily reached by your bird. Duvo+ has a broad range of feeders and bottles in different sizes. To ensure your cage stays clean, bedding is important. Esve Corbo Bedding is natural, biodegradable, absorbing and it gets rid of unpleasant odours.

To prevent your bird from getting bored, decorate his cage with toys and perches. These will keep your bird entertained and happy. Have a look at the Happy Pet Bird Toy, a colourful toy made from 100% wood and painted with non-toxic dyes.

Bird Care

Vetsend has a large selection of products that help you take care of your bird. The Oropharma Jungle Shower is an aloe vera spray that cleans the feathers and reduces feather loss. Want to protect your bird against pests like insects and mites? Denka-U-2 OP Spray is used under your bird’s wings and on his neck. The substances in U-2 help combat anything from blood lice to mosquitoes. We also offer supplies like bath salts, nail clippers and more.