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No matter the age of your cat, a scratcher serves many different purposes and is a must-have for every cat owner. Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, so a scratching post is an important accessory to have in every cat household.

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Cats scratch to sharpen their nails, but also to remove the dead outer layer of the nail. After this layer is removed, a new sharp nail will emerge. Additionally, cats can stretch and release energy by sharpening their nails. A scratching post is effective but also provides a lot of fun for cats!

A scratching post for your cat

At Vetsend, you can find various scratching posts and scratchers that can help your cat sharpen its nails. There are different types of scratchers available: made of rope or wood, natural scratching posts, cat trees and even cardboard scratchers. Scratching posts also come in different sizes: tall, small or specifically for kittens. Sprinkling some catnip on the scratching post can help make them, this way you can clearly indicate where your favourite feline is allowed to scratch its nails. To ensure your cat can scratch and climb safely, you should look for a sturdy scratching post.

Scratching posts for big cats

Scratching posts come in all shapes and sizes. There are tall cat trees for big cats, such as the Nobby Scratching Post Lido or the Trixie Scratching Post Alicante. Tall cat trees have multiple levels to give your cat enough opportunity to move around. Cat trees for big cats are generally also suitable for heavy cats.

A rope scratching post or board

Instead of a traditional scratching post, you could also get your cat a fun scratching board. At Vetsend, we have various scratching boards that are made of sisal or fibre rope. This sturdy rope is perfect for cats to sharpen their nails on! Trixie has several rope scratching boards that can be hung on the wall. The Trixie Scratching Hammock for Wall Mounting is even a scratcher and sleeping place in one. And there are many more scratching boards and mats available to meet your cat’s scratching needs.

A scratching barrel for your cat

Are you looking for a cat furniture piece that not only provides a nice scratching surface but also a cosy place for your cat to sleep or retreat in? With a scratching barrel, your cat can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the outside world or relax on top of the soft part. Scratching barrels come in different designs, so they always fit your interior! For example, take a look at the Adori Scratching Barrel Seagrass Kyra or the Adori Scratching Barrel Sheila.

Cardboard scratchers

There are also scratching boards made of cardboard. These cardboard scratching boards come in different types, shapes and sizes. Most cardboard scratching boards come with a bag of catnip, so you can make scratching even more appealing. Are you a cat parent to multiple cats and want to provide them with hours of scratching fun? The Beeztees Scratching Plank Design is a scratching board in a fun shape that can also be used as a place to rest or sleep.

Luxury scratchers from MyKotty

Looking for an extra luxurious carboard scratching board for your cat? Check out the luxury scratching boards from MyKotty. These durable corrugated cardboard boards are handcrafted and are also perfect for use as a resting place. The scratching furniture from MyKotty is available in several colours, so you can match the furniture perfectly with your interior.