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Veterinary Tips and Advice

Our resident veterinarian writes a weekly article containing background information, tips and advice on medical conditions and other common pet issues. Please find a collection of the published articles below. The collection is continuously updated to ensure an extensive range of background information that can be consulted whenever necessary.

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Dog and cat eating

Everything about diet food for dogs and cats

We want to give our pets the care that they deserve. Finding the correct food for your dog or cat is important to ensure your pet stays as healthy as possible. There is also diet food that helps support your pet when he or she falls ill. Think of bladder and urinary problems, kidney, liver, and gastrointestinal tract issues, but also skin and food allergies, diabetes, stress, obesity, joint problems, and so on.

Bladder problems

Bladder problems in dogs

It can be life-threatening when your dog can’t urinate. As an owner, you need to be able to quickly identify any problems in your dog’s urinary system. What are the symptoms of bladder problems in dogs?

brushing dog's teeth

Dental care for pets

Dental care is not only important for humans, but for pets too. Aside from trauma (breaking), dental plaque and tartar can cause dental problems in dogs, cats and horses. Good dental care can prevent serious problems and pain for your pet. Read all about good dental care for your dog, cat, horse or rodent here.

puppy on leash

Raising a puppy

Finally! Your puppy arrived after waiting for a long time. Raising your little buddy properly is necessary to turn him into a loyal friend. This isn’t just for larger dog breeds. Small dog breeds need proper raising as well, otherwise, they can become out of control, or start biting your hands and feet. What do you need to know about raising a puppy? You’ll read all about it in this article.

dog with bike

Cycling with your dog

Cycling with your dog is a great way to have little adventures with your pet and to be active at the same time. You can bring your dog along in a bicycle basket, trailer or have him run alongside you. By having your dog next to you, he is able to build up muscle without the risk of overstraining the joints. However, not all dogs are suitable for running alongside a bike. If this is the case, a basket or trailer might be the better alternative.

Diarrhoea in cats

Diarrhoea in cats and dogs

Diarrhoea is a condition that most pet owners have to deal with at some point. There are two identifiable types of diarrhoea: diarrhoea of the large intestine or diarrhoea of the small intestine. In this article, you can read all about the various forms, causes and treatments of diarrhoea infections in your pet.

All tips

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