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Dog Cushions

Every dog deserves a nice, warm and cosy sleeping spot. Dog cushions will ensure that your loyal four-legged friend will dream peacefully. We have a wide range of dog cushions available in various colours, sizes, and materials.

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This means there’s a perfect dog cushion for every type of dog and living room. Many cushions have an anti-slip underside to prevent them from slipping out of place, providing extra safety. Also, the covers of many cushions are removable and machine washable.

Orthopaedic Cushions

Several dog cushions in our assortment are orthopaedic. Memory foam, also known as viscoelastic foam, is a special filling that adapts to the shape and body temperature of the dog. The weight of the dog is evenly distributed over the cushion, reducing pressure on the spine and joints. This is ideal for dogs suffering from arthritis or other joint problems. An orthopaedic dog cushion is also suitable for very active, large or heavy dogs, seniors, and dogs in recovery. Memory foam always returns to its original shape, so it always perfectly adapts to the dog, no matter how it lies down.

The Madison Orthopaedic Bed Velvet not only looks super cheerful and inviting, but it also feels great due to the velvet fabric. But why do you really need it? The foam plate of the Madison Orthopaedic Bed Velvet consists of two parts. One part is made of hard foam and the other part is made of memory foam. The hard foam prevents your pet from developing pressure sores. The memory foam molds to the body of your dog and after 5 seconds, it returns to its original shape. This cushion is available in different colours, but don’t wait too long, velvet is the trend nowadays!

Fluffy Dog Cushions

There is no softer cushion than a fluffy cushion. The soft hairs make it an extra warm place for your dog. Fluffy dog cushions are available in various colours, such as the Designed by Lotte Xanti Dog Bed in beige and light grey.

Self-Heating Dog Cushions

To spoil your dog, you can choose a nice warm dog cushion. A self-heating and heat-insulating dog cushion is filled with dense foam rubber and contains warm air pockets that insulate. The foil layer in the cushion reflects the body heat of your dog. This is very handy during the cold autumn and winter months.

Your Favourite Dog Cushions

Do you love your dog very much? Then let him or her sit up high for once! With this nice and soft dog bed from Trixie, you provide a comfortable sleeping spot for your dog that’s also extra high. You could almost say that it’s a throne for your dog. This cushion is upholstered with long-haired plush and has a polyester fibre filling. Your dog will enjoy a wonderful nap on this cushion.

A beautiful and wonderfully soft dog cushion, which also fits into any type of living room? What more could you need! This cushion from Beeztees is available in beige and grey, in various sizes. It is filled with regular foam and adapts to your dog’s body. This cushion can be placed both in and outside of the bench, and it is extremely comfortable. You might even be tempted to lie down on it yourself!