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Dog Food

It is important for your dog to stay healthy and fit, which can be accomplished with a well-balanced diet.

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What kind of food dogs need depends on factors like age, breed, how active the dog is and predispositions for certain health problems (e.g. joint issues, obesity and so on).

Diet Dog Food

Does your dog have a condition and therefore require additional support? Diet food can offer extra support to your pet. It is important that you always first consult your veterinarian about which diet food is most suitable for your four-legged friend. At Vetsend, you will find more than 100 different types of diet food. Examples are diet food that supports problems with the urinary tract, joints, liver, intestines, stomach or kidneys. Diet food can also be the right solution for overweight dogs or dogs that need to recover from illness. Take a look at the diet food range of brands such as Specific, Trovet, Hill’s and Royal Canin.

Wellness Dog Food

When your furry friend is healthy, you will, of course, want to keep it that way. This is why it is important that your dog gets the best dog food possible! At Vetsend you will find a wide range of tasty and high-quality wellness food that is perfectly balanced. This way you know for sure that your dog will get all the important nutrients. When choosing the right food for your dog, you have to take into account various factors. You can think of the current age of the animal, size of the animal, activity, genetic predisposition for skin, joint or teeth problems and tendency to obesity. This way you can choose dog food that best suits your faithful pooch. Eukanuba dog food is a high quality wellness diet for your dog and can be ordered from our website.

Dog Food

Natural dog food

Are you conscious in what kind of food you buy and do you increasingly opt for organic products? Now you can also offer your furry friend organic dog food. This dog food is made with respect for nature and animals. In addition, no chemical pesticides or fertilisers are used during the production of ingredients. Famous organic brands are Yarrah, Edgard & Cooper and Schesir. Browse our entire range of organic dog food selections and surprise your furry friend!

Maintenance Food

Are you looking for tasty dog food that your four-legged friend will surely enjoy? At Vetsend you will find a wide range of maintenance dog food. This food is suitable for healthy and fit dogs, is well balanced and meets the needs of your four-legged friend. Maintenance food is available in different flavours, brands and varieties! Try Vetality, Antelope, Farm Food, Acana dog food or Orijen dog food. You will also find dog food that is gluten-, wheat-, and/or grain free.

Treats and rewards

Besides dog food, Vetsend also offers delicious treats and rewards. Because who doesn’t love to spoil their dog every now and then? Vetsend has selected special healthy treats for dogs with health issues. These treats are in line with the diet food your dog receives. This way you ensure that your dog is optimally supported. You can choose between tasty chunks, chewy snacks or sausages. Vetsend also has various delicacies for all dogs. Give your dog, for example, a nice chewing bone from Farm Food, tasty chewing strips from VeggieDent or natural treats from Beeztees! There is so much choice, so you can keep surprising your dog every time. Can you only give your dog grain or gluten-free treats? You can find them at Vetsend! Check out the Renske Healthy Rewards or the snacks from Fish4Dogs, Boxby and Braaaf. Vetsend also has fun baking mixes so you can bake delicious treats yourself. This way your dog will be extra grateful.

Dry food, wet food or a raw diet

There are several available types of dog food, namely kibble (dry food), wet food and raw meat. The biggest advantage of dry food is that it doesn’t contain a lot of moisture, giving it a long shelf life. The percentage of animal protein determines the quality of kibble, so it’s important to look at that when choosing a dry food. Wet food, on the other hand, contains a lot of moisture. Over 70%! The biggest advantage of wet food is that most dogs find it delicious. Complete meals for dogs are often part wet food and part dry food. It is also possible to give your dog a raw diet. There are two types of raw diets: B.A.R.F. and pre-made raw diets. When buying pre-made raw diets it’s important to keep in mind that there are complete pre-made raw diets and those that need additional ingredients.

Food for every stage of life

A dog goes through four stages of life, each requiring a different type of food. At Vetsend you’re at the right address for the best dog food for every stage of life. We have suitable dog food for both young dogs and older dogs. The below links will take you to our extensive range of dog foods:

Breed-specific food

The right food isn’t just dependant on age, but also on your dog’s breed. A Chihuahua obviously has different needs than a German Shepherd. We always describe what dog food is best suitable for what type of dog. Do you have any doubts? Please don’t hesitate to contact our veterinarian team for any questions.