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Soft Dog Toys

Like humans, dogs are big fans of soft and fluffy toys. That is why we have a large selection of different plush toys. These are suitable for playing, but also to give your dog or pup a bit of extra comfort.

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A comfort buddy

There are various reasons why plush toys are one of the most popular dog toys. One of those reasons is comfort, especially when a dog is young. For a pup, sleeping at night can be scary, so giving him a little soft toy to lie against is a great solution to make him a bit less anxious. If you are still in the process of buying a puppy, bring a little scented cloth along when viewing the nest, like the Beeztees Sjiepo Scented Cloth. Place the toy into the puppy’s nest to capture their scent. When bringing your pup home, place the cloth with him to improve his sleep and make him feel more at ease.

Hunting Instinct

Dogs have a natural instinct to hunt, so a plush animal toy is perfect for your dog to play with. Many dogs like stuffed toys that have a squeak to mirror preys like rats or squirrels. The way a dog behaves towards plush toys can vary on its breed. Some dogs, like Labradors, used be hunting dogs and would retrieve ducks carefully to their owners. They have the tendency to walk around with a plush toy, without destroying them. Beeztees Plush Duck is the perfect toy for this, as it’s easy for your dog to carry. Some dogs with high energy might prefer to play fetch with their stuffed toy, while others like to use it for biting and throwing it around.

Various cuddle buddies

No matter the reason why dogs like plush toys, you’ll find your dog’s next snuggle buddy here at Vetsend. We have XL toys, squeaky plush toys, fuzzy cloth toys or your favourite Disney character like Eeyore. Browse through our collection below to find the next plush toy for your dog.