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Bandages & First Aid for Horses

When your horse is injured, it’s important that you know how to properly take care of your horse. At Vetsend you’ll find all types of bandages and First Aid products you’ll need to get your horse back in tiptop shape.

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There’s quite a high chance of your horse suffering a muscle, joint or tendon injury. In the case of a sudden injury like a sprain, contusion, strain or tendonitis, the cells of the injured area becomes damaged. The acute phase of the injury, which is often severe but of short duration, can be recognised by the warmth of the affected area. During this phase you can use Vertargil (green clay) on minor muscle and tendon injuries. While you’re waiting for the veterinarian to arrive or to treat minor muscle, tendon or joint injuries, you can use first aid products or bandages like Gamgee and Powerflex.

Applying a Bandage

Bandages should be tightly wrapped around the injured area, after which they need to be fastened securely. It might be necessary to wrap some additional bandages around the area to make sure your horse can’t chew on the injured area.


It is very easy for horses to injure their head or legs. Fortunately, you can easily treat small wounds by disinfecting the affected area and treating the wound with a suitable ointment. Vetsend offers an extensive range of products for this purpose, like Dettol and betadine, and Vetramil, Dermiel or L Mesitran. The latter can be used on new or old wounds and help prevent the overproduction of scar tissue.

Always consult your veterinarian if you have any doubts or questions about your horse’s injury.