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Cat Medication & Supplements

Vetsend offers an extensive range of medicines and supplements for your cat.


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If your cat is already on special diet food then it may not be necessary to administer any nutritional supplements as quality food offers all of the necessary vitamins and minerals. Nevertheless, at times it might be advisable to add (nutritional) supplements to your cat’s diet. This includes times at which the immune system is low, such as, after surgery, during illness or for geriatric cats. Cats may also need nutritional supplements due to allergies, skin problems, or intestinal problems. There are many different types of nutritional supplements available for a variety of feline afflictions. Examples include specific joint supplements, natural pain relief medication and supplements to help your cat maintain a healthy coat.

Administering Medicines and Supplements

Getting a cat to swallow any type of medication or supplement, whether liquid or in tablet-form, is usually rather challenging. At Vetsend we offer a variety of products that can help administer these products, such as the EasyPill for Cats, which is soft, chewy and easy to consume and the Buster Tablet Introducer.