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Flea Comb for Dogs

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With a flea comb, you track the fleas and remove them from the coat. This is because fleas are not always visible to the naked eye. Especially not in animals with dark pigmented skin or a dark long coat. A flea comb is then a handy tool to test whether your dog has fleas. The teeth of the comb are tuned so that fleas and eggs are easily combed out of the coat and remain attached to the comb. There are different types of combs. For instance, a comb can have a short or long handle. A light-coloured flea comb helps to identify fleas.

How to use a flea comb

With a flea comb, you comb as close as possible across the skin and place the combed-out material on a damp, white kitchen paper or paper handkerchief. If this gives off brownish-red to the tissue, it is flea droppings, consisting of digested blood. The preferred locations for fleas are the armpits, groin and on the back (base of the tail). If you have found fleas, it is wise to deploy an appropriate flea medication, such as a flea drop, flea pill, flea collar or flea shampoo. Also consider treating the house, as a large part of the flea’s population is in the environment.

Range of flea combs at Vetsend

Vetsend has several brands of flea combs in its range, such as the CVET Flea Comb with a long handle, the Hunter Flea Comb or the Trixie Flea Comb which are available with a short or a long handle.