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Cat Ball Toys

Cats are natural hunters and Vetsend offers different toys to stimulate their hunting behaviour. Challenge your cat with balls, fake mice or toys with catnip. This way, you’ll give your cat the exercise it needs, and he definitely won’t get bored!


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Toys for hunting

Playing is very important for a cat. Not only does it keep them exercised, but it also keeps your cat mentally stimulated as well. Both kittens as adult cats need enough playing time during the day. Every cat is unique, and so is its reaction to different toys. That is why we have many different options when it comes to stimulating their hunting instinct. We have soft and fluffy small animals, replicating mice and other preys. Your cat might prefer something with a long tail or feathers that dances around him. Have a look at the KONG Cat – Wild tails. It comes with a rattling sound that encourages your cat to play. If you want to give your cat a little extra stimulation, have a look at our moveable toys like the Duvo+ Catchy Mouset. It is dynamic with unpredictable movements, available in 3 different colours.
As the owner, it is fun to get involved in your cats playing time as well. The KONG Cat Laser Teaser is a perfect combination of a rod and a laser. A toy that is fun for your cat, but also for the owner! For more interactive toys, have a look at our interactive or teaser and wand categories.


Not only plush toys can be fun for hunting, but a fun ball can amuse your cat just the same! In our assortment, we provide many different balls for your cat. The PetSafe Slimcat allows you to put treats inside the ball, which your cat can only access by playing with the ball. For extra sensory stimulation, you might want to consider the Catit Senses Motion Acitivated Illuminated Ball , which lights up when it starts moving. Plenty of choice!

Balls with catnip

In our assortment, you also find many toys with Catnip. Catnip is a herb used for humans, but also affect on cats. Catnip triggers certain cells in the back of a cat’s nose. Catnip can have a euphoric effect on your cat and can make toys more appealing to play with. A cat’s response to catnip can vary due to their genetics.