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Bird Supplements

Vetsend offers various supplements and medication for birds. Our assortment contains products for different bird species like parakeets, parrots, pigeons and doves. Next to their main source of food, supplements can play an important part in your bird’s diet. Vitamins and minerals keep the bones and intestines in a healthy condition. What a bird eats can vary due to its breed. The base ingredients for seed eaters is a mixture of different seeds. Keeping their food varied is important, so you can add fruit, nuts, pellets, and limestone to their feed.


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Giving your birds extra supplements will contribute to their health. We have multiple products which help recover your pet’s digestion and intestines, like the Oropharma Oro-Digest. We also provide supplements which give your bird extra vitamins and minerals to uphold their health and resistance, like the Beaphar Gistocal.


We advise that you check your bird daily to ensure they’re healthy. Check for lice, mites, worms and other parasites. These parasites can cause itching and some parasites are able to deteriorate your bird’s health. If you are looking for a treatment, we offer many different remedies.

Oropharma products

The Orophrama range from Versele Laga has many different supplements to uphold your bird’s health.


We have different products which help the recovery of your bird, contribute to their resistance and uphold their physical condition. These products are perfect for birds used for sports, like racing pigeons. They will support the bird during and after flight and give it will give your bird the energy it needs for long flights. The supplements are also suitable for birds that feel ill or birds that are still growing.

Moulting Periods

Oropharma Avi-Chol is food supplement for birds. It contributes to a good liver function and moulting.


We also provide supplements for digestion and intestines. Probi-Zyme combines probiotics and digestive enzymes.

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