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Protective Shirts for Cats

Protective shirts for cats can be used after surgery, for skin diseases, as wound protection or to help incontinent cats.

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A protective shirt allows your cat to move around freely and (s)he will no longer have to wear the much “detested” protective cone after surgery. In addition to freedom of movement, a protective shirt also ensures that your cat retains full vision. Unlike protective cones, they don’t obstruct vision. Most protective shirts also keep your cat warm and comfortable.


Vetsend offers a range of protective shirts. These protective shirts all have their own colour and design.  A popular protective shirt is the Medical Pet Shirt Cat, which is perfect after a surgery or in case of incontinence. It also causes less stress, anxiety and insecurity after surgery compared to a protective cone, which limits your cat’s vision.  Cats suffering from incontinence can use the Medical Pet Shirt with added sanitary towel or disposable pad. The Medical Pet Shirt is comfortable, hygienic and machine washable at 30ºC.