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Poultry Feed

To ensure your pet’s health, it is important that you give them the right diet. This category offers a range of high-quality feed by Versele-Laga, specifically designed for poultry.

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What’s your poultry’s favourite food?

There are many different types of feed that can be given to poultry. It might be made of greens, seeds and grains, or worms and insects. Free range poultry is quite self sufficient in foraging for food but can be given some additional grain (not too much to avoid becoming overweight), laying pellets or laying mash. Laying pellets are made by combining different ingredients and grinding them. Following this, they are heated and fluids are added to them so they can be pressed. Laying mash is made in the same way but are ground more coarsely, to maintain the quality of the fibre. Fibres activate the stomach muscles and contribute to a healthy bowel function.

Feeding inside or out?

There are a number of advantages to feeding poultry indoors such as the fact that feed does not come into contact with wild birds that might carry contagious diseases. Keeping feed indoors also helps avoid it being mixed with other environmental factors such as dirt. If you would prefer to feed or provide water for poultry outside, make sure you raise their drinker/feeder or have it covered. You can find these items in the Farm Animals Supplies category.


Roughage positively influences the well being, behaviour and health of laying hens. Feeding roughage such as straw, corn silage, carrots, barley silage or pea forage. It has been scientifically proven that adding roughage to their diet helps stimulate the working of the stomach muscles and lowers the risk of bacterial infections or infections caused by worms. One of the disadvantages of roughage is that it contains relatively low levels of nutritious elements and high levels of roughage are poorly digested.

What is the difference between mash, crumble, pellet and grain mixes?

Mash is very finely ground grains and seeds, with supplementary vitamins and minerals.

  • Very suitable for chicks and bantams
  • The slow uptake helps improve the faecal consistency
  • Helps relieve boredom and reduces the chance of pecking at each other

Crumble is crumbled and ground grains and seeds, with supplementary vitamins and minerals.

  • Very suitable for chicks and bantams

Pellets are pressed grains and seeds, with supplementary vitamins and minerals.

  • Helps avoid selective eating
  • Is easily absorbed and promotes healthy growth

Grain mix are seeds and grains that have been sorted and cleaned.

  • Complementary feed
  • Helps prevent boredom

Vitamins and Minerals

No harm can be done when giving additional vitamins and minerals and come in numerous varieties including liquid supplements, which can be added to their drinking water. Browse our range of supplements here.