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Vetsend offers an extensive range of food and supplements that have been specifically designed for aquarium fish. Feeding fish in an aquarium is very dependent upon the types of fish that live within that same aquarium. Because of this, most fish food has been composed to ensure that the nutritional requirements for all fish in the aquarium are met at the same time. The quality of water is another important factor in the upkeep and well-being of aquarium fish. To ensure that the water has the right balance and is as close to their natural habitat as possible, please browse our range of supplements. These supplements have been designed to help contribute to an optimal climate by minimising the level of unwanted bacteria.

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Fish Food

What sort of food you’ll need depends on the species in your aquarium. Most fish food has been composed to ensure that the nutritional requirements for all fish in the aquarium are met at the same time. Most of the time, fish food is either flakes or granules. The benefit of giving your fish flakes is that it floats on the water surface for quite some time. Afterwards, they drop to the bottom of the tank where you fish can easily find and consume them. Granules are made of nutritional pellets and can be used as a complete feed. They will also sink to the bottom making it easier for your fish to retrieve their food. One of our most populair brands is Tetra. They have many products that will suit the needs of your fish, whether you are looking for flakes, granules or holiday food.


We also have an assortment of supplements for your fish. Many different factors in an aquarium could influence the health of your fish. Sometimes you’ll need some supplements to give extra support. These supplements are specialised in cleaning the tank’s water and maintaining an optimal balance as the water needs to be as close to a fish’s natural habitat as possible. With these supplements, you can combat bacteria and algae.

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