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Dog Care Products

One of the most important things to consider when caring for your dog is that you use products that were specifically designed for them. Moreover, dogs should live in a clean and hygienic environment. Browse our range of premium quality products suitable for grooming your dog and ensuring a glossy and healthy coat; as well as our range of cleaning products for their surroundings.

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The Allergies sub-category offers an extensive range of items that may help treat allergic reactions caused by house dust mites and other environmental allergens. This range also includes items for people that are allergic to dogs, to help lower these reactions as well.

Dental Care

Although approximately 98% of veterinarians advise dog owners to clean their dog’s teeth regularly, only around 2% of owners actually do. Anyone that has ever come into contact with a dog suffering from dental problems, knows the importance of proper dental care for dogs. Poor dental care not only causes bad breath, but can even lead to your dog losing teeth or molars. In extreme cases, bad dental hygiene can even cause serious health issues, as the bacteria in the oral cavity could travel to the heart, kidney or liver and cause infection.

Popular brands for taking care of your dog

As mentioned above, using products that are specifically designed for dogs is very important when looking for dog care products and dog grooming products. One way to make sure that you order the right product, is by choosing from one of the premium brands offered by Vetsend! High quality brands are: Furminator, Trixie, Virbac, Malacetic and Cowboy Magic.