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Dog Treat Toys

Are you looking for a different way to reward your dog, but keep him busy at the same time? Consider one of our fillable dog toys. There are loads to pick from, each with its own difficulty. In our assortment, you’ll find different figures and shapes.

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As entertainment or distraction

Fillable dog toys are ideal to entertain your dog and to keep him busy. To receive a treat, your dog must figure out how to get the treat from the toy, which can be hard work. He might need to bite, roll or push in order to solve the ‘puzzle’. Figuring this out can be as physically demanding as a long walk. Fillable dog toys are ideal for dogs that get bored easily.


Many dogs get very excited when it is dinner time and as a result, eat way too quickly. The food might even be gone before you’ve turned around. If your dog tends to gulp his food, it is important to look at a solution for his eating behaviour as it could cause health issues. We offer different products that have an anti-gulping system in place to ensure your dog isn’t able to gobble his food. Have a look at the Kong Classic and the Nina Ottosson Treat Tumble.


As discussed above, fillable dog toys have loads of benefits. It can keep your dog entertained or distracted, and it is a great solution for dogs with a gulping tendencies. Another benefit is that some fillable dog toys can prevent dental plaque and tartar. Beeztees Sumo Dental has a unique texture that massages your dog’s gums.